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MAY 31 - JUNE 2, 2013
The Palace Hotel   San Francisco, CA

Welcome To TIPS

Innovation is at the heart of all medical advances. Plastic surgeons solve difficult clinical problems every day, but numerous unmet needs remain. Recently, the process of innovation has become more difficult because of the complexity of the regulatory environment and conflict of interest concerns. The growing distance between practicing surgeons and the innovation process has led to a glut of undifferentiated "me too" products, many of questionable efficacy.

To address this problem, a group of plastic surgeons created a new meeting in 2010: Technology Innovation in Plastic Surgery (TIPS). The goal of TIPS was to initiate a dialogue between busy clinicians, industry and investors and accelerate the development of better technology for our patients. The inaugural TIPS meeting was a success with nearly 400 attending, drawn equally from medicine, business and industry. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive with the comment   "the best meeting I have been to in years..." commonly heard.

We are pleased to announce the third annual Technology Innovation in Plastic Surgery (TIPS) Meeting. We hope this meeting will once again provide a platform for innovation in the areas of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The development of new technologies requires a community capable of inclusive, broad-ranging communication between all stakeholders.  TIPS is building that community for plastic surgery.

We believe that the opportunity for the plastic surgery community to come together again and focus on innovation and the development of new technologies will be immensely rewarding.  We hope that you will consider joining us at the 2013 Technology Innovation in Plastic Surgery (TIPS) Meeting and having your voice heard.


Geoffrey C. Gurtner, MD, FACS
Course Director


  Sponsored by The Plastic Surgery Foundation