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MAY 31 - JUNE 2, 2013
The Palace Hotel   San Francisco, CA

Meeting Overview

Bridging the gap between today, tomorrow and beyond

Innovation is at the heart of all medical advances. The growing distance between practicing surgeons and the innovation process has led to a glut of undifferentiated "me too" products and only incremental innovation. The goal of TIPS is to bridge the gap between busy clinicians, industry experts, and investors in order to develop new technology that better serves our patients.

Let's dream big together!

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Praise from 2011 TIPS attendees:

“Excellent blend of science, clinical application and industry, while looking forward."

“Loved the point-counterpoint format -- industry debates. Great idea!”

“This is the most intellectually stimulating meeting I've been to in years.”

Program Highlights*:

  • Digital Applications in Plastic Surgery featuring two panels: 

    Health Information Technology: Is there Money in Your Data?
    A look at the future of electronic health records from a different perspective. An introduction to the new frontier of data analytics. We’ll help you uncover the value of your data and discuss what markets may be interested in paying for it and why.

    Integration of Efficacious Technology to Enhance the Patient Experience
    A look at how technological innovations can revolutionize the way we evaluate and treat our patients. Additional perspectives from private equity and consumer-driven marketing provide insight on these and other emerging technologies with specific application(s) to plastic surgery patients.
  • ADMs
    A point-counterpoint format on the benefits vs. the risks of ADMs. Plus, a session on what ROI to expect in this field; emphasis on breast ADMs.

  • Biofilms
    Cutting edge research and the science behind biofilms in aesthetic plastic surgery. Plus, how anti-infectives, anti-virals, breast implants and fillers are impacted by biofilms.

  • Fillers and Volumizers
    An overview of temporary and longer lasting fillers. Look at how this field can expand into volumizers and the treatment of fine lines. Detailed discussion on various filling agents.

  • Large Volume Fat Grafting
    Investigate the science behind fat grafting covering different high-tech and low-tech approaches. See the full spectrum of technology for processing and injecting large volumes of adipose tissue and evaluate which approach is best for clinical practice.
  • Laser and Light Based Technologies:  State of the Art and Future Advances
    New scientific developments and clinical applications in light based technologies will be presented including new wavelengths emerging on the market, skin tightening modalities, fractional lasers and uses of lasers the military.   Clinical, research and industry will be represented on this world class panel.
  • Neuromodulation: Chemicals, Currents and Extreme Temperatures…What Works and What Doesn’t
    Industry leaders and clinical researchers with expertise in neurobiology, neurophysiology, and neuromodulation will explore innovative discoveries, promising developments, and novel interventions over the past year. A look at chemical modification of nerves, ablation of nerves using freezing techniques and RF; stimulation of nerves using RF and electrical stimulation both peripherally and centrally.
  • Non-Invasive Body Contouring
    Two hours of head-to-head scientific analysis, comparative clinical results and business models of practice--not to be missed. This session offers a competitive showcase of the latest energy-based minimally-invasive body contouring devices. The science of laser, cryotherapy, ultrasound and radio frequency for body contouring; Cellulaze™ laser vs. Smartlipo™ techniques; SymphonyRF® radio frequency for adipolysis and connective tissue tightening; Liposonix® ultrasound body contouring; ZELTIQ® cryotherapy and UltraShape® featured.
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Instillation Therapy (NPWT)
    Examination of the role of instillation therapy with NPWT in treatment of infected/contaminated wounds in orthopedics, vascular surgery, general surgery and plastic surgery. Industry perspective also offered. 

Also featuring a special keynote session focused on the regulatory environment and entrepreneurship for clinicians, including sessions featuring the venture capitalist perspective.

*Subject to change

  Sponsored by The Plastic Surgery Foundation